my ideas of living

When I was a child, I used to have an idea of my next life. In the elementary grade, I dream of becoming a teacher.What a noble idea of living. At that time I wonder, how precious that job compare to others like doctor, architect, police woman, and any idea of a child’s dream.

Growing older,in junior high I’ve changed my idea of living, since everybody said it was a noble idea with a very low income. Contrary to the raise of age, I couldnt even explit my own idea. So at that time I just answer i want to be rich and smart. (what a lovely idea..:P)

In senior high, suddenly i got my very best idea. Stimulated by many ER series I watched, I had my will to become an internist. That silly fool stimulation almost separate me and my family thousand miles away just to run after my sillyfoolchildish love ( stupid I was at that time and thank God He didnt let me be more fool than ever). But, still it was a very noble idea i ever had. Though I was rejected by the university I still had that idea in mind.

In college, suddenly I becoming fooler than ever before with having no idea at all. Maybe because I should face reality that I change my lines from internist to some food technologyst which I dont even bother in what field would I work.The fact (which everyone’s tellin me my major is the best in SouthEast Asia…you may dont believe it…neither do I, concerning how stupid I am in my own food tech field..:P) was make my heart relieves (or ought to relieve) that I wont be a jobbles woman..(though it is not the idea of mine)

Then..there I was…Applying my food tech filed for about 10 months in some foreigner company that I really2 felt imperialized. So..again my ideal idea of living changing my lines into some field that i really2 negelected before..a research…(what a fool I am, concerning i got less paid,lot kilometers should be travelled, and heavier working load)…

Now, here I am. Already obtained my master degree and starting to become biologist. What a very unepredictable title I ever think of. However, for billion times in my whole life, I thank God to make it my path. There were a lot of things I had in mind which made me wiser than before. If only I took Biology as my graduate program before, I might believe that I become food technologist now.

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