we are the alien

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It started with a decent saturday birthday party of my Indonesian friend and several of her coworkers and classmates. A quite decent because it held in her apartments with a few tasty delicious home-made menu and several closest friend which are accidentally or event meant to foreigner in this country.

There we were, celebrating her something years old, blew out the candle by the kids, having a dinner, and also some kind of a chit-chat here and there. I was actually some kind part of that non-belonging- group since everybody seems to be had known one each other. But somehow, it would only took me several minutes to blend with them anyway, cause since we are in the same path, foreigner to this country.

Our conversation were of course started with our background, obligation, family not sort of special one. Until we have a same typical hilarious topics concerning the way of the native people in this country’s attitude. Suddenly we started to feel the same way of handling how to react to the native citizen here. We all felt awful about the border that we could not pass to get through most of them. One little thing cross in mind that now I feel that I am not alone.

I do not have any right to judge the way people live here with their characters and their habits, but somehow as one of my acquaintance said..we are just like an alien here. An alien that almost have no similarity to the way of native people live. Such a funny terms I guess, but I think it is quite true.

But again, I was thinking, would these foreigner even think it so if they should stay in my country? Would I be as same as the native citizen here in that “alien’s” point of view?

And I think I know the answer already…..

2 thoughts on “we are the alien

  1. salah satu “seni” hidup di negeri orang ya jeung, berasa jadi alien :). Ah, tar lama-lama juga terbiasa.. *sok tahu kaya pernah hidup di luar negeri* 😀

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