once within 28 days

I was having a very bad day like Daniel Powter used to sing ( assuming that everybody had those). Well anyway, that day was just so bad until I just cant recognize my self any longer. Everything was just feel  not right, I got to much anger, mood-swing, anger burst, overcries, and some emotional things around. I do remember that I had similar physiological disturbance back than when I had my womb fertilized during the first trimester. Nope, I am not pregnant yet, but I should say what you though in mind was a bit close to the fact. I had my period cycle at the moment.

At some point, I do not feel relieve to notice that those physiological and some of physical changes that I’d been thorough is only the matter of sake menstrual cycle. I just can’t believe my self that I am that kind of person in which I am not interested to spill it out here. Sure, I had my own problem during that time well everybody had their’s , but this time I just feel that I can’t handle my self. A friend reminder saying that it’ll goes after the cycle get through, and needless to mention I do aware of that. However, some part of my brain neglect the idea about just let it go. This is my body, my sanctuary, I want to know what the hell is going on there?

So, here am I, in the middle of the night, trying to catch here and there about fact and evidence of what they called : Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). Continue reading