Atetamom is

a woman born in Jakarta on August 19, and grew up there until she finished her high school. She is very much grateful for the very precious amanah called “Harvy Raffa Azami” a brilliant young boy for the love with her beloved husband, Dheni Mita Mala. Proud of her identity as a “Moslem” so that’s why she already had hijab at the day when the religion defined her as a “woman”. A kind of unpopular decision at that time.

Then she went to Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) to have Food Technology as her first degree. Unfortunately, (or might be fortunately) she was more interested in biochemist instead of food science itself.

She had her first lab in Protein Engineering Research Group in Indonesia Institutes of Sciences (LIPI), Cibinong where she got acknowledge by the mean of doing a life science research. However, she try to applied her basic food science in industry for a year until she realized, it did not satisfied her needs. She came back to her previous research group and becoming researcher assistant until the beginning of 2010.

She continued her study in Microbiology Lab University of Indonesia, Depok to get master degree.In 2006, she had the scholarship from ASEA-UNINET as the collaboration between Austria and Indonesia. At the same year, she was selected to represent Indonesia in 56th Nobel Laureate meeting in Lindau, Germany, and the fact that she was the youngest among any Indonesian’s delegation. At 2009, again she represent Indonesia in Novartis Global Biocamp which held in Boston, USA.

Now, she is pursuing her doctoral degree in Hokkaido University, Japan while having a fellowship at National Institute for Material Science Junior Researcher Tsukuba, Japan. Her specialities involved in immunity mainly innate immune response. She found her passion in science for her love of God. And she realized the main reason she is in this world to be “hamba Alloh“.

12 thoughts on “Atetamom is

  1. Salam Takzim
    Mohon izin singgah ntuk mencari yang belum ada, izin mencoret agar terkenang dengan membawa harap semoga sudi mampir ke blog_ku bahkan mencoret agar terlukis sebuah persahabatan bahkan tetap menempel didinding karena tukeran link
    Salam Takzim Batavusqu

  2. Assalaamu’alaikum. Salam kenal Mbak, keren banget blognyaa. sangat menginspirasi ‘anak-anak’ yang ingin jadi researcher. sukses selalu Mbak πŸ™‚

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