I will try harder…

It was a usual morning like we used to have. That morning Jan 15 2013 the snow is likely to be in Tsukuba, our recent home.
The snow that we’ve been waiting for since this winter started, is nothing but a cold and huge wind.
Actually the snow came the day before that even we played outside under that snow shower.
It was fun anyway, a fun that might not would never be seen in Indonesia, our homeland.
Such a memorable day.

So that morning, I set up a plan to do what I have to do, just like the normal days, with an additional agenda
that I would have a flight to Sapporo after lunch to have a pre-defense of my thesis.
Everything runs normally, as normal as several minutes to move away Harvy from his blanket. (really this is
my most challenging moment these days).
We already planned to use the bus to Harvy’s daycare since the road were slippery, and it was quite dangerous to bike with Harvy.

So, as I always do to Harvy, I push him in a hurry, to catch the bus schedule.
A bit worries might written on my face, until he said : Mommy, be nice OK, don”t
get to tensed.. So, directly I lower down my voice.

There we were finaly waiting at the bus stop exactly at the moment, and we realized a lot of cars
were on the queue due to traffic jam.
I do not know whether that due to snow
or the traffic light or whatever, its just that they were stuck.
We were not the only one in the bus stop.
A women whom I guess wanted to go to work, and a student also wait
Minutes has passed, but the buss still out of nowhere to be seen.
Though it was a sunny day, still the temperature was quite cold.
And this is Tsukuba, where the wind blows with the
temperature more than snow falling in Sapporo I supposed.

Harvy starts to cranky, less patient, and remain asking where is the bus?
Untill he asked me to walk to school instead of keep waiting while the traffic-jam
was rolling and the bus were far away from coming. Continue reading